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An Introduction to Academic Publishing: A Workshop. Within the framework of Leeds IMC 2015, the academic publishers Brill, partner of the EU-funded Power and Institutions in Medieval Islam and Christendom Initial Training Network (PIMIC-ITN), will offer a morning workshop giving postgraduate students and early career scholars a valuable insight into academic publishing, from both sides of the table. Read more.

PIMIC at Leeds IMC



On Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th of July, PIMIC will be sponsoring 5 sessions as part of the Leeds International Medieval Congress. Read more.

Symposium: Emotions in the Courtroom

1.300 King James of Aragon overseeing the court Getty Images


On 3rd-4th May 2014, a one and half day symposium on the theme of Emotions in the Courtroom was held at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Read more.

Anthony Grafton - David Ruderman "Cross-Cultural Dialogues in Early Modern Europe"


Anthony Grafton- David Ruderman

Cross Cultural Dialogues in Early Modern Europe

"A dialogue between longstanding friends and colleagues; a dialogue with antiquity in the spirit of "Reinassence"; a dialogue between contemporary readers and pre-modern texts; and, finally, a dialogue between Christians and Jews in early modern Europe".

Thursday, 19th June 2015, 4.00 pm.

Seminar Room Menéndez Pidal 0E CCHS- CSIC

Organized by the projects: PIMIC CORPI

John Hudson meets the Queen at the special reception to mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta

British Ceremonial Arts Limited



John Hudson, Professor of Legal History at the University of St. Andrews, was one of three mediaeval historians to attend the event at Buckingham Palace in the presence of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, and the Princess Royal.


Why Islamic Medieval Institutions became so different from Western Medieval Institutions?


PIMIC seminar

Eduardo Manzano Moreno, Profesor de Investigación, CCHS-CSIC

Why Islamic Medieval Institutions became so different from Western Medieval Institutions?

Seminar Room Manuel de Terán 3F


C/Albasanz 26 – 28

28037 Madrid (Spain)

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