Early Stage Researchers (ESR)

IMPORTANT. ABOUT THE APPLICATION FORM FOR ESRs (Open call 4 February 2013-24 March 2013)

  1. Official transcript or equivalent means the title that enables you to apply for the fellowship: Master degree or equivalent in your country (commonly a taught postgraduate degree). There is no other transcript to submit. If you have any other academic degree, there is a box in the application form you can use. All other academic achievements must be listed in your CV, but bear in mind that you have only two pages for your CV…
  2. PhD project statement. Bear in mind that the topic will have to meet the general themes, the objectives of the project and the specialisation of the host clearly established in the description of each fellowship.
  3. Sample of work means published articles, unpublished essays or other pieces of work.
  4. References: You must only submit the names and emails of the referees. We will ask them for a reference if we consider it necessary.   
  5. Please, check that you meet the mobility and academic grade required. These are the Marie Curie Programme requisites and must be met by all the candidates.

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